Thursday, November 10, 2011

project reviews!!

SOME OF THE REVIEWS>>>                                         Shh its a secret: umm it was overall good, but i think they should of spoken up moree cause i couldn't hear the narrator very good....... Flinstones: It was creative  and cool. I like how the pebbles was turning into the waves!! One of the things that would of made it better was the quote, it was going to fast and i couldn't read it correctly....... Void: I really loved the song that flows through the video, but i didn't like the buzzing sound... it was annoying, sorry to say. I also like the slow box and cones flowing and spinning, I liked it. It was very abstract(:......*: I really liked the ending of it!! wow, amazing.. I really liked the walking through the water ....... cherry bombs: It was good, even though it was my group, but i think we should of brought out the sound of the quote and the saying in the video went by too fast so i couldn't read it...... crazy hair: hahaha This video was very amuzing.......motion hand: i like the hand on the piano. I liked the song, but very weird. lol haa not nice to say but anywhooo... i like the playing .

5 circles!!!! (:

In new works we are talking about movement, so they assigned us to draw or design something about movement. so i drew it instead of design. i did not have alot of time so if it looks like bshhhhhhhh!!! We had to draw 5 circles and do designes on them... i hope you like them.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New works (movement)

Well  i'm the writer/actor in our new works project. See were mention or do something about movement. Our new works project is about how our main actor (Dominique) is crazy and then a doctor named Nicquela comes in and asks her all these questions.. Any who Dominique looses her mind and  sings crazy by Gnarls  Barkley. There are different parts of setting areas we use in the building for our video.  Basically we use our "craziness" to resemble our movement ! (:

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

what i remembered what Mr. Richard said for movement(:

"cemetery is lifeless". "all dances are tooooo long"

Movement (:

While I in new works for Mr. Richard's class i learned alot about movement.We learned other positions and feel the motion in movement. He , Mr. Richards said a couple of words and basically we moved our bodies to the sentence he said. It was very relaxing and motivating for me to move my body in certain ways, creating positive and negative space . ((:

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Paul Baker &New works

Paul Baker use to be the principal of Booker t. Washington. He made a better understanding of space, line, sound and other stuff as well.  That was Paul’s  Philosophy.(line, space, sound) Later Paul Baker past away…. ): ……. ohh and im in new works class right now lol

Steve Jobs

R.I.P Steve Jobs. i heard everyone is going crazy cause they don’t know what to do.  Don’t worry people everything is going to be alright, r.i.p steve (:
R.I.P Steve Jobs. i heard everyone is going crazy cause they don’t know what to do.  Don’t worry people everything is going to be alright, r.i.p steve (: